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Care Wellbeing and Inclusion Fund

If you are resident in the UK and are a Veteran of the British Nuclear Test Programme or you are a veterans Spouse, Child, Grandchild or Great- Grandchild, you are eligible for help from the CWI Fund. The NCCF manages the fund to ease suffering, enhance wellbeing, and enable social inclusion that aren’t available from public or social services. Shown below are just some of the things we can provide to help you. 

Make an Application

To apply for help from the CWI Fund simply contact us for an application form by:

By Telephone

Call us on 
01158 883 442
This is an answer machine service so please leave your name and details so we we can get back to you.

By Email

Please email us at
[email protected]
Tell us in your email if you require a print application or a digital (PDF) application. 

By Post

Write to us at
NCCF, PO Box 8244
Castle Donington, Derby
DE74 2BY

  • Complete the form as fully as possible, we may get back to you for clarification of some of your responses
  • If you have access to email please ensure you give your email address as we can often resolve any questions very rapidly using email
  • You can claim for any goods or services to enhance your health or wellbeing providing that you are a member of the nuclear community – This covers all nuclear test veterans, their spouses and all their offspring
  • To request a number of items/services please combine on a single form as there is no upper limit. Include as much information as possible
  • Copy and attach any letters supporting your request: Letters for Doctors and Care Providers supporting your case are very useful. It also helps our process if you forward copies of two proof of identity at address letters, say a Utility bill, Social Services or Council letter.

Some notes about the process

  • Your application will be anonymised and formalised so that the Grant Panel make their decision purely on the situation evidence presented
  • The Panel may make an ‘in principle’ decision which will allow progression of your application providing certain conditions are satisfied
  • Each application will be judged on its own merit
  • No cash grants are made – The NCCF will purchase Goods, Services and Therapies on your behalf.

CWI Fund Terms and Conditions 

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