The CHRC has just published a statement in response to the Sunday Mirror article.


A news article published by the Sunday Mirror in April 2018 claims that the Nuclear Community Charity Fund Genetic Study is having difficulty finding enough families to take part in their study.

In fact, the study team are making steady progress with recruitment, as veterans are invited to take part in a continuous flow, with many invited veterans and their families now progressing through the various stages of the study (eligibility, consent, interview) prior to the blood sampling stage at the end.

The study team would like to thank all participating families for their support of the study and are grateful for all replies from respondents who have been invited to participate in the study via their GP practice. Unfortunately, the study team are unable to accept volunteers for the study due to the bias that this may create, but would appeal to veterans who have been sent a letter from their GP practice to respond to the study team if they think they might be eligible to take part.

Please see for more information

The NCCF are happy the project is on course to deliver within the expected milestones which were amended to account for changes to the gaining of ethical approvals systems just after the initial launch.

All the latest news about this research and all the other exciting activities the NCCF are delivering within the Nuclear Community are in the latest edition of the brand new ‘exposure’ magazine which will be out within the next couple of weeks.¬† The new website for the magazine¬†will also go live as the magazine comes out.