Care Wellbeing & Inclusion Fund

Why a Care Wellbeing & Inclusion Project?

This project is to address shortfalls in the acquisition of living adaptations, care equipment,  services and therapies between State provision and personal requirement enabling beneficiaries to establish a fully mobile, socially integrated lifestyle.

The Ministry of Defence commissioned “British Nuclear Test Veterans Health Needs Audit” by Miles and Green, published in 2011 showed a large number of nuclear veterans face a wide range of debilitating issues affecting both mobility and social integration. Surveys by the BNTVA have found that considerable health issues are found in excess of National level expectations across the entire nuclear community.

Both the BNTVA and the NCCF are regularly approached by other service organisations to see if they can assist persons in the nuclear community

With over 26% of this community suffering from serious health problems and congenital defects (many of which are outside the ‘norm’ addressed by state social and health provision) a significant provision gap exists.

How Will This Fund Work?

The NCCF will manage this fund to facilitate the Individual provision of items, adaptations, and services designed to ease suffering, enhance wellbeing and social inclusion that are not available from the public health service or social service provisions.

The provision will be subject to identified need screening within the nuclear survivor community.

If you are a UK-based member of the Nuclear Test Veterans Community and have any needs that may be addressed by this project use the contact form below or write to:

NCCF CWI Fund. PO Box 8244, Castle Donington, DE74 2BY.

The Fund 2018 Onwards

The first year of the project established the fund and developed the protocols for identifying those in need and assessing what could be done to increase their wellbeing.  The NCCF used the lessons learned developing the year one project to devise their bid for the second phase.

In early 2018 it was announced that the NCCF bid for phase two funding of its CWI Fund had been successful, the Treasury offered funding by way of an endowment that could be invested to provide an income to address Care Wellbeing and Inclusion needs across the nuclear community for many years to come.

The development of phase two This will ensure the range, scope and positive impact of this project is maximised across the nuclear community.

Key Project Personnel

Jeff former Chairman of the British Nuclear Test Veterans Association and Maralinga Veteran was a key contributor to the development of the Nuclear Community Charity Fund portfolio.  Working within the nuclear community for many years he brings a great empathy for the community to the leadership of the fund.  As first Chairman of the independent CIO Jeff has pioneered the comprehensive care, research and support facilities available today.

Jeff Liddiatt

Chairman , Nuclear Community Charity Fund

Nigel, the son of a British Nuclear Test Veteran, led the BNTVA for six years during which time he managed the development of the charity into a successful campaigning organisation, which achieved recognition for Nuclear Veterans and obtained the budgetary provision from the Government. Being a partner in a Systems and Communications service provision business Nigel brings his organisational expertise and compassion for the Nuclear Community to this project.

Nigel Heaps MBE

Director & Project Manager, BH Associates LLP

Contact Us

PO Box 8244
Castle Donington
DE74 2BY

Telephone  0115 8883442


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