The NCCF Board of Trustees met on 14 December 2017 to consider the best use of resource during 2018.

The endowment has finally been received and the investment policy is in place.  The board had to balance the potential needs during 2018 against the available funding, investment pool and potential return.  To ensure that sufficient return is generated by the endowment investment the Board have restricted the application gateways of the fund.

The restrictions are not permanent and will be reviewed halfway through the investment period.

Assistance to attend Events – The scheme is suspended during 2018 however if you are wanting to attend a nuclear community event and have genuine hardship you may make an application under the main process.  When the phase two investment returns the scheme will reopen but no blanket options will be made available and support will be based on need, not entitlement, with individual applications fully screened.

Simplified Scheme – This is suspended until the beginning of July 2018.  Following this, the scheme will only accept applications for goods and services directly addressing a medical need situation not covered by state provision.

These measures will ensure that the fund is able to address the anticipated main applications over the next 12 months.